About Me

I love to FAIL and thats OKAY!

I’m not an entrepreneur, neither a researcher. I’m just a learner. I only know just 1 percent of the things that I want to learn. Here I leave everything I learn about Technology. These articles may not be fully accurate as I’m not an expert of these domains (Im also just a learner – so correct me if any concept, articles…). I can use these articles for later references as I go through the learning process. 

also there are reasons for that. Stories of these people are my inspirations!


Primary School – Failed

Middle School – Failed

University – Failed and Rejected

Applied for Jobs – All Failed and Rejected


No one believed him when he stared. Founded two automotive companies, Eventually gained success with the Ford Motor Company. These two failures could have been career-ending, but Ford continued.


Tesla – On the brick of bankruptcy

SpaceX – 1st Rocket Fails

Tesla Model S – Had several problems

Ousted from PayPal


Before becoming successful, Thomas Edison tried more than 10,000 times to invent the light bulb.When Asked about his failures, Edison stated that he knew “definitively over 9,000 ways that an electric light bulb will not work.”