The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Chapter 8

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

This book explain how your own subconscious thoughts shape your life and your surroundings.

If you want to be successful at something then just start doing it. You will reach to your goals at some point as long as you keep the right mindset and learn the tasks.

Dr Murphy explains each and everything with real life examples making it simple for the reader to relate and develop. This book offers some really great skills to learn with numerous examples. You can read some of the stories below.

I would recommend this book to anyone.

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Chapter 8: How To Get The Results You Want

Easy Does It

A homeowner whose furnace broke down during a bitter cold snap called a repairman. The repairman came at once. Within half an hour, the furnace was working again. The repairman then gave the homeowner a bill for $30.

“What!” the outraged homeowner exclaimed. “It took you no time at all. All you did was replace one small part. How can you have the nerve to charge me $30 for a little gizmo that can’t be worth more than five dollars?”

The repairman shrugged. “I charged you only two dollars for the broken part,” he said. “That’s what I had to pay for it.” The homeowner waved the bill in his face. “Two dollars!” he yelled. “This says $30!”

“That’s right,” the repairman said. “The other $28 is for knowing what was wrong and how to fix it.”

A young woman named Shara G. came to me close to despair. She was involved in a lengthy, complicated lawsuit that had been through one postponement after another, with no end in sight. Her deepest desire was for a harmonious solution to the suit. Her mental imagery, however, was full of failure, loss, bankruptcy, and poverty. The result was just as Coué would have predicted. Her imagination prevailed over her desire, and the suit dragged on and on.

At my suggestion, Shara put herself into a sleepy, drowsy, state each night at bedtime, then began to imagine the best possible ending to her problem. She put herself into a state of feeling it to the best of her ability. She knew that the image in her mind had to agree with her heart’s desire.

As she became drowsy, she began to imagine as vividly as possible a meeting with her lawyer after the lawsuit was settled. She heard herself asking him questions about the outcome and listening to his explanations. She heard him telling her over and over again, “The case has been settled out of court. This is a perfectly harmonious solution.”

During the day, when fear thoughts came into her mind, Shara would run her mental videotape of the meeting with her lawyer, complete with words and gestures. She imagined his smile, his mannerisms, the sound of his voice, the specific words he used. She did this so often, so faithfully, that her fears were counteracted before she even knew they had tried to come into her mind.

At the end of a few weeks, her attorney called her. He confirmed what she had been imagining and feeling as true. The lawsuit was settled, and she knew that the settlement was one she could accept as harmonious.


Think and plan independently of traditional methods. Know that there is always an answer and a solution to every problem.

When your mind is relaxed and you accept an idea, your subconscious goes to work to execute the idea.

Imagination is your most powerful faculty. Imagine what is lovely and of good report. You are what you imagine yourself to be.