What’s new in Next.js 12: October 2021

Nextjs 12

Nextjs team has announced its latest addition, Next.js 12, the biggest release ever. Lets look into the improvements and new features that Next.js 12 offers to create and improve your web applications.

Speed test in Nextjs newest version

Faster builds and Fast Refresh with Rust compiler

Optimized bundling and compiling with ~3x faster refresh locally and ~5x faster builds

To improve performance, Next.js replaced the Babel compiler with an extensible Rust compiler — SWC — that takes advantage of native compilation.

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Introducing Middleware

You can modify the response by rewriting, redirecting, adding headers, or even streaming HTML.

You can run code before a request is completed, and based on the request, we can modify the response by rewriting, redirecting, adding headers, etc.

nextjs middleware
NextJs and ReactJS

Preparing for React 18

Zero client-side JavaScript needed

Features including server-side Suspense and SSR streaming support also React Server Components which allow us to render everything, including the components themselves, on the server

URL Imports

You can CDN projects like Skypack and esm.sh in your Next.js app.

You can import directly tooling from the CDN without any extra builds or installs.