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SQL BACKUP DATABASE keyword is used to create a backup of a SQL Server database.

The syntax for using the BACKUP DATABASE keyword is as follows:

BACKUP DATABASE database_name
TO backup_device

Here, database_name is the name of the database that you want to back up, and backup_device is the physical device or location where you want to store the backup, such as a disk, tape, or a network share.

For example, the following SQL statement creates a full backup of the “MyDatabase” database and stores it in a backup file named “MyDatabase.bak” on the local disk:

TO DISK = 'C:\\Backup\\MyDatabase.bak'

In this case, the TO DISK option specifies that the backup should be written to a disk file, and the full path and file name of the backup file are provided as the argument.

The BACKUP DATABASE keyword also supports various other options and parameters, such as specifying the backup type, compression, encryption, media options, and more. These options can be used to customize the backup process according to your specific requirements.

Note that the BACKUP DATABASE keyword requires the user to have appropriate permissions to perform the backup operation, and the backup device must have sufficient space to store the backup.