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Best Chrome extensions of 2022 – Google announce

Favorites of 2022

There are a wide variety of Chrome extensions available, ranging from productivity tools and social media integrations to security enhancements and customizations for the browser interface.

Chrome extensions can be an important tool for enhancing the functionality and usability of the Chrome web browser. They can provide a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Adding new features: Chrome extensions can add new features to the browser that are not available by default. This can include things like ad blockers, password managers, and productivity tools, which can improve your online experience and make it easier to get things done.
  • Customizing the browser: Chrome extensions can allow you to customize the appearance and behavior of the browser to suit your specific needs. This can include things like changing the look of the browser interface, adding custom themes, and modifying how websites behave.
  • Improving security: Chrome extensions can help protect your online privacy and security by blocking tracking cookies, providing secure browsing options, and alerting you to potential threats.
  • Integrating with other web services: Chrome extensions can allow you easily connect to and use other web services, such as social media platforms or cloud storage services. This can make it easier to share content, collaborate with others, and access your files from any device.

Throughout 2022, we’ve seen so many Chrome extensions for all sorts of purposes, such as growing hybrid global workforce to digital learning and virtual gaming. Recently Google has announced the favorite Chrome extensions of the year 2022, so let’s look into the list.


Tango creates beautiful how-to guides with perfectly cropped screenshots, in seconds. Tango makes documentation easy, fast, and fun by automatically generating how-to guides while you work. Just walk through any process as you normally would, and Tango automatically turns those steps into a beautiful how-to guide that you can share with others to show how it’s done.


🪄 Capture processes on any website, SaaS app, or desktop software.
📸 Get perfectly cropped screenshots with Auto Zoom.
🎨 Customize guides with your logo, colors, annotations, and freehand drawing.
✏️ Update individual steps and screenshots—without redoing your whole process.
🚫 Protect sensitive information with Live Blur.
🔗 Easy link sharing.
🌐 Sync to multiple knowledge bases with one click.
📄 Export Workflows as PDFs, HTML, or Markdown.
📈 Get notified about how many views your guides get.
🔐 SOC 2 compliant, a gold standard of security and data protection.


SwiftRead (formerly known as Spreed), is a popular speed reading extension, to speed read through text in your browser! SwiftRead works on news articles, blog posts, and emails. You can use SwiftRead to speed read whatever text you can copy-paste into SwiftRead. Or, select your text in the browser, right-click, and click “SwiftRead selected text”.

The PRO version of SwiftRead comes with native support for speed reading PDFs, ePUBs, even Kindle books on Kindle Cloud Reader, as well as many other features to help you read faster and learn more.



🪄 Features eight premium fonts and twelve color schemes.

🎨 Set your own colors for the text and background.

🌐 Customize guides with your logo, colors, annotations, and freehand drawing.

✏️ Speed through Kindle books on Kindle Cloud Reader, PDFs, and ePUB documents.

Compose AI

Compose AI is a free Chrome extension that cuts your writing time by 40% with AI-powered autocompletion. It is an AI powered tool that learns your personal writing style. It helps you write your best content in record time.

Compose AI


🪄 Autocomplete: Simply type and Compose.ai will display suggestions.

🎨 Rephrase sentences: quickly edit your writing by going through sentence-by-sentence and rephrasing.

📄 Easy Reply: Generate professional full email replies.

✏️ Compose Now: Write full email messages from a few words.

🌐 Personalized To Your Voice.

🔗 Use anywhere such as Email, Slack, Notion, Essays, blogs and more.


It is an open source web design debug tools built with JavaScript. It gives power to designers and content creators by bringing design tool interactions and hotkeys to the browser. Not only it gives powers to designers and content creators, It has more features such as:



🪄 Edit text, images or style any page in any state.

🎨 Inspect styles, spacing, distance, accessibility and alignment.

📄 Nitpick layouts & content, in the real end environment, at any device size.

✏️ Leverage adobe/sketch skills.

🌐 Point, click, move, resize & tinker.

Check US Visa Slots

A platform for Indian Visa applicants to check US visa appointments availability every 3 minutes without getting locked out or blocked.

Check visa slot


🪄 Real-time slots info.

🎨 View Slots Screenshot on UI.

📄 Slot Start Date Info.

✏️ Receive Email Alerts.

Workona Tab Manager

The Workona Tab Manager helps you get your work under control and finally feel organized. Use it to manage tabs, organize projects, and bring together all of your work in the browser.

🪄 Workspaces organize your work by project.
🎨 Suspend tabs, rearrange tabs with drag and drop and automatically saved.
📄 Workona auto-saves all of your tabs.
✏️ Dramatically reduce memory usage and keep your computer running faster.
🌐 Bookmark tabs in workspaces.
🔗 Search and Sync your tabs between computers to keep your work organized.

CrxMouse Chrome Gestures

Boost browsing productivity with mouse navigation shortcuts – simple Mouse Gestures, Super Drag, Wheel Gestures, Rocker Gestures. It brings the power of the browser to your fingertips, boosting your productivity.


🪄 Mouse Gesture Built-in Actions.
🎨 Super Drag Built-in Actions.
📄 Wheel Gestures Built-in Actions.


The perfect tool for players & traders. The perfect tool for players & traders.RoPro adds dozens of useful and unique features to the Roblox.com web experience.


🪄 Build any avatar in the Sandbox.
🎨 Recolor your RoPro Themes (hue, saturation, and lightness).
📄 Filter games by custom genres.
✏️ Quickly hop to random servers.
🌐 Filter servers by player count.
🔗 View mutual friends on profiles.

eJOY English

eJOY eXtension is a must-have translator and multiple-platform learning tool for English learners!

Whether you want to learn informal, daily English with movies and YouTube videos, or up your game with English idioms in the news, eJOY eXtension got your back.


🪄 Look up & Save words on multiple platforms.
🎨 Split a video into small parts.
📄 Word Hunt helps you search a word and view all the real life videos.
✏️ Your words are synced across devices.
🌐 Correct subtitles.
🔗 Do Listen – Quiz – Write – Speak with YouTube videos on eJOY GO.


Equatio allows you to create equations, formulas, and more, digitally. Helping to make math and STEM classes more accessible and engaging for every student. Equatio gives your students the opportunity to show their mastery in math, in a way that best suits them. They can speak, draw or type problems and equations directly onto their device.


🪄 Google Docs and MS word Integration
🎨 Multi-Line Support
📄 Maths, Chemistry & Formula Prediction
✏️ Handwriting Recognition and Speech Input
🌐 STEM Tools
🔗 Insert mathspace


MyBib is a free bibliography and citation generator that makes accurate citations for you to copy straight into your academic assignments and papers.


🪄 browse to any page on the internet (including PDFs)
🎨 automatically format citation
📄 Different citation styles available
✏️ Export them into other citation managers like Zotero or Mendeley

Overall, Chrome extensions can be an important tool for enhancing the functionality and usability of the Chrome web browser and can help you get more out of your online experience. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy google selection for this year. Please drop a comment if you’ve got any other extensions that you use in your workflow!

8 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions that Save Hours of Work into Minutes


We are all aware of the fact that the internet has changed our lives in a number of ways. Nowadays, we live in a world where we constantly have to deal with distractions present on social media or messaging apps for hours at a time.

However, there are extensions which can help us with this problem by cutting down time spent on certain tasks and getting stuff done. If you love working on your computer and want to save some time, then this list of Must have Google Chrome Extensions is a perfect one for you. Installing these extensions can make your life a breeze as they are designed to save hours of work into minutes.

Here are 8 of the best Google Chrome extensions that help to save you hours of work into minutes.

1. Scribe

This is an amazing extension that lets you turn any process into a step-by-step guide, instantly. With Scribe you can save Hundreds of thousands of valuable time. It works on almost all major browsers.

How it works

Turn on the Scribe recorder, go through your process, then turn off the recording. It automatically creates a how-to guide, complete with screenshots, instructions and clicks. You can easily add, edits and customization to your recorded screenshot and share with team members just wit a click.



2. Jam

The fastest bug reporting tool. Cut your bug reporting time by 20x. Report bugs in few seconds, without disrupting your workflow. Capture your screen plus developer logs in one click. It’s so easy and Integrates tightly with most of the issue trackers & tools. Jam auto-magically creates bug reports with all the info engineers need, including:

  • Console logs
  • Network requests
  • Browser info
  • Device details
  • Repro steps
  • Comments


3. VisBug

It is an open source web design debug tools built with JavaScript. It gives power to designers and content creators by bringing design tool interactions and hotkeys to the browser. Not only it gives powers to designers and content creators, It has more features such as:

  • Edit text, images or style any page in any state.
  • Inspect styles, spacing, distance, accessibility and alignment.
  • Nitpick layouts & content, in the real end environment, at any device size.
  • Leverage adobe/sketch skills.


4. Hyperwriteai

HyperWrite generates content and provide suggestions as you write. It has advanced AI algorithms help you write better and faster than ever before. With HyperWrite, you can focus on what’s really important. You can use HyperWrite to write blog posts, articles, emails, and more.



5. Fireflies

Record & Transcribe meetings & calls directly from the browser Record & transcribe your Google meet meetings directly from the browser. With this tool you do not have to worry about missing any important conversation ever again. You can stop taking manual notes and focus during the meeting because Fireflies automatically capture all your conversations on Google Meet and organizes them in your workspace. Get time-stamped notes with speaker detection and also audio playback.



6. Wappalyzer

This is a powerful tool which helps to find out the technology stack of any website. It creates lists of websites that use certain technologies, with company and contact details. Its APIs provide instant access to website technology stacks, company and contact details, social media profiles, email verification and more. Empower your sales and marketing teams:

  • Website profiling and Browser extension
  • Lead generation
  • Competitor analysis
  • API access and Security recon


7. Heurio

This is a perfect tool for any web developer. You can use this tool for UX check, design and development review, user testing and more. One beautiful benefits of using this extension is to make a smooth collaboration with developers directly on any live website. You can leave notes, assign actionable change requests, do UX or copy reviews in a user-friendly and collaborative way. It has features such as:

  • Pin your ideas.
  • Do a heuristic evaluation.
  • Report bugs.
  • Share the project link, invite team members or export your findings to PDF.


8. Motion

Motion DevTools is a browser extension useful for web developers like you. With this tool you can inspect, edit and export animations made with CSS and Motion One. Developers able to add, move and remove keyframes in single click. You can export any animation into CSS transitions, CSS animations in few clicks. The best part of this tool is your edits will be reflected on the page in real-time.



Thats it and thanks for reading! Hope you find these information useful. Feel free to share more similar chrome extension.

What’s new in Chrome: June 2022

Google Logos

Chrome is always getting faster and easier to use. New to try: tools that make research and privacy choices easier..

Resume journey


Jump back into your past research and find what’s next

Journeys automatically organizes and makes sense of all the searches you’ve done and pages you’ve visited, and suggests next steps.

  1. Type a topic you want to continue researching in the address bar.
  2. Click Resume your journey.


Take a quick tour of your Chrome privacy settings

Privacy Guide helps you easily make and understand privacy choices like cookies, history, and sync, all from one spot.

  1. At the top right, click More Settings.
  2. Click Privacy and Security .
  3. Click Privacy Guide

Privacy Guide is not available for accounts managed by an organization or parental controls.

Privacy guide



Power up your browser with extensions

Check out the Extensions Starter Kit to save money online, manage everyday tasks, stay connected with friends, and so much more.

  1. Visit the Extensions Starter Kit
  2. Find and select the extension you want.
  3. Click Add to Chrome.


Find any word – fast

Give up endlessly scrolling a page. Quickly find the word or phrase you’re looking for with this shortcut.

  1. At the top right, click More  Find.
  2. Type a word or phrase into the find bar.
  3. Press Enter and watch your matches get highlighted.

You can also use a keyboard shortcut: ⌘ + F

Find word using AI